We want to create something that provides more than just a store, we want an experience
to remember, a destination that makes you learn and look at things differently.

On one side, an iconic coffee store; on the other, an oasis for those who love coffee and
interested to learn. Between the two, a delicate equation,
a subtle alchemy. That is our absolute starting point.


From that point on, we take that idea on a journey to create the perfect sensorial sanctuary for coffee enthusiasts. They say the best experience happens when all your five senses are in play, and we deliver just that. Our store is our biggest product, and through it, we aim to inspire our communities, our customers and the future.


To maximize that impact, we make it beautiful, in every aspect. To inspire both care and enjoyment. And become a focal point of the memories and experiences that make the whole journey itself truly cherishable.

Together with local Balinese artists, we employ only the highest quality materials, one-of-a-kind installations and cutting-edge processes for our store - all to construct a strong and lasting experience.


That is the impact we strive to create. By transforming awe-inspiring ideas into sustainable practices. Our stores will carry eco-friendly materials and will also be a working farm, with harvested coffee beans from the coffee tree lot will be donated to selected Bali coffee farms.


The design combines the delights of traditional Balinese pavilion architecture and rural landscapes with a modern dynamic treatment of space and form.


Our visual identity is inspired by one of the most prestigious fabrics in Asia, Geringsing: Double Ikat. So prestigious, it is only made in a small village in Tengganan, Bali.



The store’s façade is created with locally created red bricks in the shape of half circles to create the illusion of the many waves found on Bali’s famous beaches.

The exterior appears to move to passersby on Sunset Boulevard as they drive past the storefront, and combines modern building techniques with traditional Balinese architecture for an east-meets-west design.

The design is carried into the interior of the store at the core bar where baristas handcraft favorite Starbucks beverages.

Coffee Farm

Upon entering the space, customers are invited into a micro-plot of Arabica coffee trees.

This 1,000 sq. ft. plot will be a working, coffee producing farm cherrying during harvest season in the region, typically in the early springtime, and mirrors the size of 90% of all coffee farms in Indonesia.


90% of coffee from Indonesia is grown on small backyard farms (one hectare/2.47 acres or less 7 Zoetrope Spins As the zoetrope spins, visitors can peek inside and see the growth process of coffee tree. Interactive and participatory, the Zoetrope installation uses natural/synthetic rattan, and up-cycling material. It also features traditional Balinese carving (panel) to cover the Zoetrope.


Peek inside the zoetrope, animation devices that spin to give the illusion of motion images, to watch images of coffee seedlings mature into lush, cherrying trees.

These interactive devices are made from natural and synthetic palm stems, or rattan, and up-cycled materials, covered in a traditional Balinese carving.

Wood Carving Wall

As customers enter the café, their eyes are immediately drawn to the 30-foot tall hand-carved wooden mural from Jepara, reaching from the first floor to the roof over the second story.

The engraving features a depiction of the history of coffee in Indonesia, including images of the well-known coffee growing regions of Java, Sulawesi, Bali, West Papua, Brastagi and North Sumatra, home to Starbucks Indonesia Farmer Support Center.

Hand-Painted Artwork in The Form of Gapura

To the left of the entrance, customers are invited to Starbucks core bar featuring a living wall filled with flora from the region.

The botanicals are arranged in the form of Bali’s signature gapura, split gates, a symbol to welcome guests into our stores. This living wall is set back behind the bar where Starbucks partners will enter the café to connect with customers and handcraft their favorite Starbucks beverages.

Concrete Pots

Around the store, customers will be enchanted by the surrounding flora, bringing the lush Indonesian environment inside. Trees throughout the space are planted in beautiful clay pots inspired by a traditional Sumatran pattern and the Starbucks Siren. Motifs of Indonesia’s mountainous terrain and coffee beans remind customers of the unique surroundings found only in Indonesia.


On the second floor, customers are invited into the first coffee seedling nursery to be located inside of a Starbucks store.

Our partners work with local farmers to take special care of these seedlings and invite customers to help tend to the delicate plants. Inside this greenhouse, customers can touch the first stages of the seed-to-cup journey that brings us our favorite coffee flavors around the world.

Media Room

The experience continues throughout the expansive space where customers can find two interactive media installations to further immerse themselves in the coffee journey.

On the first floor, a first-of-its-kind digital wall can be accessed through pressing and twisting various portions of the wall to participate in the planting, processing, roasting, shipping and brewing processed.

Above them, customers can hear the stories of Starbucks Farmer Support Center in Indonesia. Two synchronized videos guide visitors through the FSC on walls fashioned from the traditional rattan weavings which inspired the Dewata Bali logo.


Lavender Latte

A balance of flowery aftertaste with a rich reserve espresso and smooth milk with a candy-like finish.

Cool Berry Tea

A refreshing of ice green tea fusion, combination of green tea, sweet, citrus and mint from high quality ingredients.

Caffe Fredo

A rich espresso beverage with silky and smooth texture of cold foam milk and a sweet syrupy finish.

Cold Brew Float

Our small-lot cold brew / Nitro-infused cold brew poured over vanilla ice cream. The result is a subtly-sweet cascade of velvety coffee that is more sippable than ever.

Cold Brew Malt

Our signature small lot cold brew blended with ice cream and malt.

House Affogato

Two shots of our Reserve espresso and Demerara syrup poured over vanilla ice cream and finished with a dusting of cinnamon.

Origin Flight (3 cups in 1 set)

Explore three limited batchesof Starbucks Reserve coffee and the unique stories they have to tell. All expertly-brewed with Pour Over brewing method.

Brew Comparision (2 cups in 1 set)

Become a true coffee aficionado when you discover the difference in flavor profile as the same coffee goes through varying degrees of time, temperature, an pressure. Choose a Starbucks Reserve coffee to enjoy through two different brew methods.

Available only at Dewata

Fruit Danish

Buttery sweet pastry filled with custard, grapes, strawberry & peach.

Cheese Danish

Flaky foldver danish with two types of cheese

Mixed Mushroom & Cheese Danish

Classic savory danish topped with mushrooms & cheese

Sticky Maple Bun

Sweet dough rolled with caramelized sugar, maple, cinnamon & nuts

Butter Croissant

Dough layered in butter rolled & folded several times

Chocolate Croissant

Croissant filled with luscious chocolate sticks

Almond Croissant

Croissant filled with creamy almond custard cream

Srikaya Croissant

Creamy morning jam made of coconut and palm sugar spread in croissant

Peanut Butter Croissant

All time favorite peanut butter spread in croissant

Blueberry Crumble Muffin

Morning quick bread, with blueberries and buttery crumbles

Banana Espresso Muffin

Morning quick bread, with banana & coffee together

Chunky Chocolate Cookie

Classic chewy & rich chocolate cookie

Buttermilk Raisin Scone

An old fashioned scone with raisin & buttermilk

Cinnamon Bun

Classic rolled sweet dough envelops with cinnamon and sugar

Beef, Lettuce and Tomato Panini

Beef bacon, lettuce & tomato in soft panini sandwich

Nutella Banana Panini

Caramelized banana & rich nutella in soft panini sandwich

Smoked Chicken & Cheese Croissant

Chicken ham & creamy cheese in buttery croissant

Grilled Vegetable Panini

Grilled mushroom, pepper, sweet onion & lettuce in soft panini sandwich

Smoked Beef & Cheese Croissant

Beef ham & creamy cheese in butter croissant

Chicken BBQ Ciabatta

Chicken chunks in smokey bbq sauce in crusty ciabatta

Tuna Salad Croissant Sandwich

Cold Sandwich with creamy tuna-mayo & cheese in buttery croissant

Chicken Spinach Wrap

Grilled chicken, spinach & cheese rolled in flat bread wrap

Smoked Turkey & Cheese Ciabatta

Turkey ham & creamy cheese in crusty ciabatta

Oreo Cheesecake

A classic sweet tangy cheesecake mixed & topped with cookie crumbs

Blueberry Cheesecake

All time favorite blueberry and creamy cheesecake

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Rich moist fudgey chocolate cake

French Macaron

Parisian almond crisp cookie filled with Blueberry, Lemon & Chocolate

Classic Apple Pie

Old time grandma buttery caramel chuncky apple pie

Lemon Tart

Tangy lemon custard topped with meringue in buttery crust pie

Milk Pie

So local favorite, two types of milk pie in thin flaky buttery crust

Quiche Lorraine

Savory creamy egg and cheese pie

Salmon Broccoli Quiche

Savory salmon & broccoli mixed with egg & cheese pie

Chicken Pot Pie

All time favorite chicken cheesey & tomatoey slow cooked pie

Indonesian Fresh Salad

So local favorite, blanced vegetables & tofu with peanut sauce dressing




Exclusive Dewata Mug

Charmed Bracelet

Starbucks Card


All of our coffee classes include a guided tour of the seed-to-cup journey that is Starbucks Reserve Dewata.
You will also receive an exclusive pin to commemorate your experience as well as a coffee passport to record your learning’s.

For reservation, please contact
+(62-361) 9344581



Showcasing the different flavor profiles of coffee growing regions,
you will get a better appreciation of coffee and the various preparation methods.



Join our Coffee Master on a journey through coffee beverages,
tasting the different preparations before deciding your favorite.



Participants will be introduced to different tastes of coffee and how
coffee and food pair so well together.



Experience coffee in its purest form. Use your senses to help describe the aroma, palate,
flavors and aftertaste. Discuss your experience with other coffee enthusiasts.



Our team will help you to make the perfect espresso beverage, every time.



Learn the principles of latte art, practice with our barista and then showcase
your new found skills to your family and friends.